Avoid Gain Lane this Winter

Every year, as Winter comes around, it seems the inevitable three kilos always seem to find a nice little place to take up residence, on our bodies.

We totally get it – it’s cold outside and you just want something warm and filling to tame those tastebuds. But Winter doesn’t have to mean kilos.

To help keep the Winter hanger pangs and kilos, at bay, we’ve listed a few breezey changes you can make to your current lifestyle so you can still have your sticky date pudding and eat it too.

1. Eat!
The answer to keeping the kilos at bay is not restricting yourself. Those diets that promise you’ll lose inches an hour are the ones that set you out to fail in the long term. Make sure to include the foods you crave throughout the day and enjoy them, just remember it’s all about moderation. Looking for a 3pm pick me up? Our Honey Breezey Chocolate Balls are perfect to curb those chocolate cravings. They’re super easy so you can make them ahead of time as well!

2. Make cleaner choices
Instead of getting home after work and raiding the pantry, fridge and the secret drawer with the choccies (don’t worry we have one at home too ;)) try to make healthier choices. Whether it’s cutting up veggies at the beginning of the week so you have a go-to snack sitting in the fridge or ensuring to fill up on healthy fats and whole grains (add an avocado in your next smoothie – trust us, it works!), you will be levelling out your blood sugar levels and prepping your body to breeze into Spring!

3. Three is definitely not a crowd
Protein, carbohydrates and fats – the three magic food groups that if included in your meals, mean you won’t be reaching for a snack half an hour after your lunch. Basically, protein appeases your hunger, carbs sustain your energy and fats assist in feeling fuller, so together they are the complete dream team and promote a greater sensation of satisfaction. Why not try our Chicken-Lick’n Pie – it contains all three!

4. Droplets like it’s hot
We may sound like a broken record, but drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day is such an important and simple thing to do. A breezey tip is to keep a bottle of water close-by, whether that is in your handbag or on your desk at work, and sip it throughout the day! Often thirst can be mistaken for hunger so keep on sippin’, it’s h20mazing! Find water boring on its own? Throw in the juice of half a lemon and a few berries to give it an extra kick!

5. Sleep like a log
Sleep helps with digestion. You may be at rest when you fall asleep, but your body certainly isn’t. Whilst you’re dreaming about purchasing a puppy, your body is rejuvenating and strengthening your digestive system. Find yourself craving sugar and caffeine after a disturbed sleep? This is your body crying out for a temporary energy boost. Be sure to get the recommended 7 – 8 hours sleep to ensure you breeze through your daily routine with ease.