If your Dad’s anything like ours he’s already got one hundred and one ties in his wardrobe, so why not impress with something equally as practical but a million times more tasty? If you’re looking for an extra awesome way to spoil Dad (or you’ve just forgotten the special occasion) – you’re in luck. The Dad’s of Australia have spoken. We asked 5 Aussie Dad’s to share their favourite breakfasts, so you can knock the socks you gave him last year, right off!

  1. For the ‘Master Chef Dad’ to prove he’s taught you well.

Cement your place as the golden child, with the perfect toasty crumpets. These warm and tasty cakes of goodness will ensure you’re the favourite child for years to come – just make sure your siblings don’t get their hands on them before Dad does! Check out our super simple recipe here.

  1. For the ‘Traditional Dad’ that loves all the classics.

Nothing says it’s a special occasion better than the humble pancake. Whip up a batch of these on Sunday morning to leave Dad feeling uber spoilt. Add some maple syrup and berries, and you’re good to go. Find our classic pancake recipe here, or for the more adventurous Dad why not impress with our berry tasty blueberry and lemon pancakes.

  1. For the ‘Super-Dad’ that’s a sweetie at heart.

This fancy looking smoothie bowl is sure to be the sweetest gift Dad’s ever received. If he’s got a sweet personality and the sweet tooth to match, look no further than our Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl.

  1. For the ‘Footy Dad’ that needs a big brekky.

Make Dad feel like royalty and serve up the king of all breakfasts! Fry those eggs, cook up some bacon, beans, tomatoes and mushies, and add a couple of sausages and some crunchy toast for good measure. Fill up a glass of Almond Breeze to top it all off, and (cue the trumpets) you’ll have a breakfast fit for a king.

  1. For the ‘Hipster Dad’ who can put this on his Insta later.


Need a way to make sure Dad’s Father’s Day is better than his Dad joke’s this year … ? Our Almond and Strawberry Overnight Oats can turn this dream into a reality! Prepping these on Saturday night will make Father’s day (to quote that Lionel Richie song Dad’s been playing for years) “Br – eezey like a Sunday morning”.