How to meal prep like a boss

Meal prep.

Two simple words that can make a big difference to achieving your fitness goals!

Meal prep is essentially preparing meals and snacks ahead of time so you reach for a tuna and halloumi salad instead of a burger or a bliss ball instead of a packet of chips. Not that we don’t love a good piece of cake every so often. We are all about balance of course!

Pop a few hours aside on a Sunday afternoon for grocery shopping, chopping and cooking and hey presto, before you know it you’ll have a full weeks’ worth of meals ready to go!

Below are some scrumptious and easy meal prep ideas and tips to help you get started and ensure you breeze through the week ahead.

1.Freeze smoothies in muffin tins

If you’re like us, you love a good smoothie in the morning to kick-start your day. However, running around trying to find and prep all the ingredients before you head out the door for the gym or work is typically not the frantic start you want! Use muffins tins to freeze your blended smoothie and you can simply pop your portions in your blender and thaw overnight in the fridge before blitzing first thing before you head out the door!

2. Make brekkie the night before

If you want a warming breakfast to start your day, oats are your best friend. Our brekkie bowls are a sinch to make and the best thing, you can make them the night before and whip them in the microwave for a delicious warm and nutritious breakfast. Check out our recipe here.

3. Have a protein rich snack on hand

It happens to all of us – it gets to 3pm and all we can think about is chocolate, chips or coffee! Instead, think of picking up a protein rich snack as this will help keep you fuller for longer. Our Honey Breezey Chocolate Bliss Balls include cacao so you’ll get that chocolate hit as well as oats and quinoa flakes to help keep hunger at bay. Making the bliss balls yourself also helps you monitor what you’re eating – get creative and even try different flavours and ingredients! Recipe here.

4.Portion out meat ahead of freezing

To ensure you are getting enough protein at every meal, make sure to weigh out your chicken, pork or steak ahead of freezing it. This is a great tip, especially if you are cooking for one. Next time you need a protein packed lunch or dinner, you can head to the freezer and know you don’t have to defrost an entire leg of lamb! This also works for veggies – chop up your veggies and pop in portion sized zip log bags to freeze. Simply pop straight into the pan from the freezer and voila!

5.Invest in some good Tupperware

Going to all the trouble of cooking your meals and preparing your snacks could all go to waste if you don’t have any containers to store it in. You can buy a range of sizes and shapes, for a reasonable price, all which keep your food fresh. Knowing that you have your dinner waiting for you when you get home is one less thing you need to think about!