How Jules Sebastian breezes through her day

In this blog post, I thought I would take you through some of the tips and tricks I use to make my day a little breezier, especially whilst I am preparing and filming for episodes of Tea with Jules. They are honestly some of the most enjoyable days, but can be some of the most hectic. Even though filming can be a lot of hard work, it’s incredibly rewarding as I get to speak to some extraordinary and inspirational people. By applying some of my breezey tips and tricks, any day can go by a little easier…

Be prepared

On any given filming day of Tea with Jules I could be interviewing up to four different people. Some of which I have previously never met before. Preparing for an interview takes a lot of research, reading and planning. It’s important to understand a person’s story as well as getting the information that I know my viewers want to hear from them.

Preparation is the key! I sometimes spend weeks gathering information and data and use that to form questions for each guest. This is all in-between taking care of my two children, work commitments and all the other fun things that life throws my way. I prepare right up until the day before filming. On the day of filming, I start the day with breakfast to ensure I have enough energy for whatever is thrown my way. Either a smoothie or porridge, with Almond Breeze. I also make sure I go over all my notes and have a clear vision and goal for each interview. Because of all the prep, filming day comes and I feel like all the hard work is done, and now I can take a breath, chat with my guests and have the best day with them delivering the best show I can for my viewers! If it was not for being prepared, I would most definitely not breeze through the filming day. This goes for anything in life, prepare, prepare and prepare some more so that the thing you have prepared for seems easy in the moment.

Call on a great team

Tea with Jules most definitely is not a one man band! I lean on an incredible team to help me deliver the show. From camera crew, sound person, producers, creative team, hair and make-up, PR and my wonderful guests, these are the people who really make my vision come to life. Without them it’s just an idea.

I believe in the power of asking for help. I’m a team player. I love collaboration and getting people involved. There is something so special about talented people coming together to create magic. This can go for so many things in life. Asking for help or gathering a team or village of people around you can really make your days easier. Reaching out for help with your kids, something you are struggling with at work, talking about personal problems or even just calling a friend to have some time out – it all plays the part of team work. We’re not meant to do life alone. Being together makes load lighter.

Go with the flow

You can have all the preparation in the world and best team on the planet, but if you don’t allow some wiggle room for life to go down a different path, then you might miss some of the greatest moments you’ve ever had. Don’t ever be too rigid or closed of to go with the flow. When you’re in the flow, you are open to receive all that life could give you. The good and the bad. The ups and the downs. That is the beauty of living. If you try and control every single thing, that leads to frustration and disappointment. Open up your day to whatever might come – you just never know what amazing thing is just around the corner.