How to make life easy peasy lemon breezy

That time of year has come around again – time for a good old spring clean. We’ve been searching high and low for the breeziest tips and life hacks that require minimal effort but will have you breezing through the Spring days!

1. Smoothie in 15 seconds!

Need to be out the door in a flash in the mornings? Why not freeze your smoothie ahead of time so all you need to do is blitz and go? Every Sunday chop, blend and store your week’s worth of smoothies in muffin trays then freeze. Pop your smoothie portions in a blender for a quick and breezey brekkie! Head to our website for some delicious smoothie recipes to sip through Spring.

2. Chill your water in five minutes

As the temperature rises, there is nothing better than an ice cold bottle of water. But what if you forgot to pop the bottle in the fridge? No worries! Simply wet a handful of paper towels and wrap them around your bottle, place in the freezer for five minutes, remove and say hello to an ice cold beverage.

3. Never eat a bad egg again

We’ve all been there. Eating a bad egg is no fun, but how were you to know?! An eggcellent life hack is to place your eggs in a bowl of water and watch as your fresh eggs sink. A perfect egg will sink on their side and bad eggs will float.

4. Stairs to success

No time to head to the gym? Set a timer on your phone to get up every hour and get a glass of water or better yet swap the lift for the stairs or get off the bus one stop earlier. It’s the little life swaps that make a big difference.

5. Don’t whine over a wine stain

Accidents are bound to happen but you can’t help that sinking feeling you get when someone spills a glass of red wine on your carpet – until now. Next time someone knocks a glass of red wine on your carpet grab a bottle of clear high proof spirit (gin, vodka or white rum work well) and pour it over the stain. Soak up the liquid by dabbing with a damp cloth and repeat until the stain disappears. Finish off by dabbing with water.

6. Pack your lunch

Spending money on lunch can be unnecessary. Instead why not bring in leftovers from the night before or whip up something from what you have in the fridge. Meal prep can lead to a healthier lifestyle, leaving you to save up your lunch money for a weekend treat! Click here for more clever tips on meal prep.

7. Keep cool as a cucumber

We all love the sun but sometimes it seems impossible to cool down. Running your wrists under cold water will lower your body temperature and stops you sweating, leaving you cool as a cucumber.

8. Pay yourself each time you exercise

Sometimes finding the motivation to exercise can be hard. So why not reward yourself? Each time you exercise leave $2 in a jar. Rewarding yourself for your hard work will not only leave you feeling good but looking great too!

9. Pancakes on the go

Sick of the mess that cooking pancakes make when ladelling them into the pan? We got you! Save your tomato or BBQ sauce squeezy containers and once washed, add your pancake batter to the bottle for a no mess experience. You will then be able to squeeze the right amount in the pan every time! We have a wide range of pancake recipes on the website, so be sure to check them out for some inspiration!

10. Can you candle this hack?

Hard to reach the candle wick? Don’t burn yourself trying to light it – grab a stick of spaghetti and light it with that!

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