Make your commute more mindful. Here’s how!

Do you take the same route to work everyday? As we all know, doing the same thing each day can become monotonous. Why not get more out of your daily commute by being a bit more productive or even practicing a little mindfulness?

We’ve pulled together a few steps you can take to kick start, or finish your day with a mindful and productive commute.


1. Control your scroll. Do you automatically get your phone out as soon as you get seated on the bus or train? Instead of mindlessly getting lost on your socials, why not engage with your five senses? Notice five things you see. Listen to four sounds you can hear. Count three things you can smell. List two things you can touch and lastly, appreciate something you can taste.



2. Personal growth. Why not make your daily commute a chance to learn a new language, read a new book or improve your memory? You don’t have to forego your device as there is an array of apps these days to help improve your maths skills one day and learn French the next. Engaging in activities that aren’t related to work gives you a chance to take time for yourself.

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3. Set your goals. If you have to check those work emails on your commute why not make it constructive? Take a journal or notepad with you and start planning for your day so you will be ready to tackle those emails and conversations as soon as you walk through the door.

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4. Check in with family and friends. Very rarely do we take the time to call our family or friends because we’re usually in a hurry. Slow down and give your grandma, significant other or parents a buzz. You will feel more connected to one another and venting some of the days events will help you relax even more when you hit the pillow.

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5. Meal prep. Starting your morning in a rush is no way to meet the day. While definitely encourage you to take your time and enjoy your breakfast, we know it is more often than not a luxury many of us can’t afford. Get the benefits of a nutritious breakfast while on the move with our five easy steps on meal prepping here, so you’ll be out the door and ready to seize the day by breakfast time.

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