Mums know best, right?​

Our mums are the best! They are some kind of magical superheros who always know how to save the day.

They are always there for us, cooking up our favourite foods, cheering for us on the sidelines and best of all, giving us that hug that only our mums know how to give.

Over the years, our mums have also been giving us lots of advice, though if you were anything like us growing up, this advice was often eye rolled at. So…we spoke to our mums, pulled together some of the advice they told us and researched to see if they were really on to something!

  1. Eating carrots will give you night vision

How many times did you hear this when you wouldn’t eat your veggies? Your mum could have been setting you up for the next superhero role but truth be told, she was right. This myth all came about as carrots contain beta-carotene, which the body cleverly converts to Vitamin A, which promotes good eye health!

  1. Sitting too close to the TV will give you square eyes

But you just wanted to get a better view of Bananas in Pyjamas! There is some truth to this – sitting too close can strain your eyes however, it just so happens that children are better at focusing at up-close objects than adults. And often, we grow out of this habit as we get older.

  1. You can’t go swimming for 30 minutes after eating

Now in the summer months this must have been the longest half an hour ever! This myth is based on the idea that blood is diverted away from your arms and legs, towards your stomach’s digestive tract, after a big meal. And if your limbs don’t get enough blood to function, you’re at risk of drowning. The truth is, we have enough blood to keep all our body parts functioning after a big meal.

  1. If you swallow your chewing gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven years

You couldn’t have gone through childhood without begging your parents for a piece of Hubba Bubba (how good was the grape flavour!). I’m sure we have all been told that if we swallowed a piece it would stay in our system for seven years.  However, research has shown that when gum is swallowed your stomach will push it along as quickly as everything else. Phew!

  1. Eating bread crusts makes your hair curl

How much did we fight against eating our crusts when we were young and now all we want is windswept, curly textured hair? Wow, if a bread crust could do that we would be in baking, not almond milk! Unfortunately this one isn’t true, but research shows that the crust has eight times more antioxidants than the centre, so make sure you are filling up on your crusts. Thanks mum!

 We would love to hear the myths you were told as a child. Let us know over on our Facebook page.

AB x