Ever since we were too young to remember, our Mums have been providing us with the best advice to help us #Breezetheday.

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful advice, we’ve loved reading them. Here are some of our favs:

@Kathuz – “Don’t do something twice when you can do it once. Sounds a bit silly but it helped me become more efficient when getting tasks done!”

@Soulflowermama – “Never compare myself because we’re all on our own journey. When I stopped wishing I was doing better, I started to appreciate all that I am as a single parent” @jessicaaandharley

@anna_atkinson – “Always be kind, you never know what other people are going through”  From @dboyce59

@Nimfitt – “Have you got a jacket? Never gets old.” @wilkos_way

@il2a2 – “Always make time for yourself, your body and mind will thank you for it” @buzb3e

@leannecotte – “My beautiful mummy @rosina_galea came from humble beginnings. Enjoy the little things in life as these often bring you the most joy”

@miiamata – “Never leave home without a jacket” @tinamatalaaho

@sunnycoastmum – “Look in the mirror and see if you see a friend in there. If you don’t, take a longer look and get the friend back” @margwestacott

@muttwink – “Attention is the best form of generosity. Really listening…a true gift” Thanks mum @zo_dreno

@Summerlove725 – “Always appreciate everyone and everything. Show your appreciation by saying the magical words: thank you” @houseofgoo

@_jenny_du – “It’s better to walk alone than walk with a crowd in the wrong direction” Thanks @anphung

@cayleerosie “Try to find the positive side in every situation” Thanks @sarahpharoah

@elizabeth_kim3 – “Seize every opportunity you get as you only live once” From @christinekim91

Kathy Hatky –  “Keep in contact with the people you love especially if you’re feeling sad or emotionally distant. We’re all here to support you.” From Svieta Yang

Nadeesha Wi –  “She always said “just go with the flow.. Whichever way it goes, it’s for the best” This taught me to let go of any bad situations beyond my control”

Jameela Truman – “Eileen Truman always told me to treat the cleaner with the same amount of respect as you would treat the director/CEO/president”

Karina Winter –  “Housework will still be there later, enjoy your life and your kids. They are only little once” From Michelle Morgan

Melissa Newton –  “Mum has always told me the world is my oyster and if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything you wish!” Heather Newton

Belinda Bonello – “Mum said don’t get a husband, get a dog instead, they’re more loyal, cuter and cleaner 😂🐶 so I got these gorgeous dogs!” Leigh Bonello

Rachel Francese – “It costs you nothing to be nice 💕” From Gigi Huesch

Leonie Thomas – “Just because you’ve made your bed doesn’t mean you have to lie in it, you can always change the sheets! “ From a very dear friend whose like a Nana to me Betty Grenenger

Damien Uhlmann –  “Never judge a book by its cover” From Melinda Uhlmann

Rita Maguire – “Don’t sweat the small stuff, pick your battles, worry only makes you sick!” Elle Macquarie

Desiree Catherine –  “If there’s nothing you can do about it, why worry about it” Kimberly Foxx 😎

Regina Camille Arboleda – “Find the positive in everyday” From Maria Luisa