Own the Morning

We all have that goal of jumping out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, running a solid 5kms and downing a green smoothie before breezing out the door to work. The reality is often a little different…

Most days we press snooze two or three times, debate whether we really need to do those extra 20 squats, spend too long in the shower contemplating life’s big questions (“What should I wear today?”) scoff down some peanut butter toast and just make it to the bus on time.

It’s ok, it happens to the best of us, but the trouble with starting the day like this, is that we’re much more likely to show up to work carrying a lot more stress than we really need. This in turn means we’re less productive with our time, as we wait for our frantic minds to calm down and focus on the day ahead.

Let’s get a few things straight.

Owning the morning doesn’t have to mean making drastic changes all at once. We suggest picking one aspect and focusing on it for the first week, then adding something else to the mix in the second week and so on.

So, where do we start?

Hmm, how about that pesky alarm?

We know it’s tempting to go for another nine minutes sleep, but doing so will confuse the body. Here’s why – our bodies are naturally programmed to start heating up roughly two hours before we wake up so that getting out of bed isn’t such a shock to our system. By hitting snooze and going back to sleep, even for a short time, we’re telling our body that it’s made a mistake and it starts to get confused. This confusion continues every time we press snooze and it sticks around for the first four hours of the day!

To start owning the morning, set an alarm at the same time every day and resist the temptation to snooze. This will help your body function more accurately and leave you with a clearer head for the day. It’s such a simple thing to do and will make your morning a breeze.

Next up, stretching

Get that blood flowing with a good stretch. We recommend reaching towards the ceiling as high as possible and then bending over to touch the floor. Repeat a couple of times with some deep breathing thrown in for good measure.

We also love getting in a good workout at the gym. It will ensure a clear head, plenty of endorphins and it’s also great for heart health and general brain function.

And now for…meal prep!

Having lunch prepped and ready to go the night before is a great start, but what about breakfast? The most important meal of the day needs to include a good dose of daily nutrients! Meal prep for breakfast is just as important as lunch and we think, even more fun!

You can:

  • Put smoothie ingredients in a zip lock bag the night before and simply add to blender with almond milk in the morning
  • Prepare overnight oats or even a delicious chia pudding with fruit (there are some great ideas in our breakfast recipe section (link))

Finally, lay out your clothes the night before

Why not try this trick for young players? Before jumping into bed and heading to the land of nod, have a look at your calendar, check what’s on for tomorrow and plan accordingly.

Once you know what’s on, check what’s clean, ironed or needs ironing and lay it all out before you go to bed…including shoes, jewellery, make-up and anything else that’s easy to forget at the last minute.

Now it’s time to jump into bed feeling at ease because you know you’ve got everything covered and all you need to do in the morning is get out of bed… on time!


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AB x