4 steps to reaching your goals in 2017

As the New Year begins, we all set goals to become healthier/fitter/learn a new hobby or travel more. As the ‘New Year new you’ phenomenon starts to fade somewhere around Valentine’s Day, so does our willpower.

We’ve got your year-of-healthy-living sorted! Check out our tips on how to stay on track with your health goals. Be sure to share with your friends to help them stay on track too!

Getting started:

1. Write down your health goals and stick it somewhere you will see it every day. This could be your wardrobe, fridge or even your wallet. The point is to keep it as a visual reminder of what you want to achieve.

2. Do some research and figure out what you’re going to need to achieve your goals in 2017. It’s all well and good to say you want to lose 10kg in 2017, but how are you actually going to do that? A few steps could be to join a gym, sign up to a personal training program or even book in to see a dietician to set you up for success.

3. Make a small investment in yourself to jump-start your motivation. Start with something small like new gym tights, a fitness tracker or even a healthy eating cookbook and go from there!



Three months in:

Great work, you’ve made it through the first quarter of the year! Chances are you’re starting to struggle a little bit with your motivation, especially now that Easter is just around the corner. Here a few things you can try to keep you going for the next three months:

1. Remind yourself of your ‘why’: Reminding yourself of why you chose to take up this new hobby or why you want to lose weight is powerful motivation to keep going. Checking in on this every week or month will help you continue on your ‘better you’ journey!

2. Try something new: Keep yourself motivated with a new gym class or way of exercising. Bring along a friend, look out for hiking trails in your area or try stand-up paddle boarding (we know you’ve always wanted to). New activities breathe life and excitement into your fitness regime and are a great way to keep you inspired.


Half way:

This is by far the toughest part of keeping your health goals on track. Winter is here and with it are the cold mornings, rainy afternoons and evenings you’d rather spend snuggled up on the couch with a hot chocolate. Don’t fret, there are ways to get through winter and emerge healthier on the other side. Trust us, you’ll be thankful that you kept working hard when spring comes and you’re not in a mad rush to lose that winter weight.

1. Research new recipes – eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring, there are thousands of recipes for healthy meals – check out our website to kick start your inspiration. Buying a new cookbook or making your own scrapbook of your favourites is a great way to stay excited about eating healthy.

2. Treat yourself – no, we don’t mean go and eat an entire cake, what we mean when we say “treat yourself” is to go and buy that lipstick/dress/pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on for weeks and congratulate yourself on a job well done so far! While you’re at the shops you can even earmark a treat for the end of the year to commend your hard work and inspirational efforts.



End of the year!

You did it! You’ve made it to December and we’re betting your healthy living has now become a habit. It’s time to congratulate yourself and enjoy the holidays with friends and family.