6 Tips to Keep You Smiling Through Winter

We all know what it’s like to have one of those days where it feels like it’s you against the world (and not in a cool, superhero kind of way). To help you through the last weeks of winter we have pulled together a list of day-making acts that will have you breezing through the last of the cold weather.

So choose one (or all) of these breezey tips today to put a huge smile on someone’s dial and spread a little joy!

1. Pay it forward 

Next time you grab a coffee or a muffin from your local cafe, use that extra couple of dollars to buy one for your friend or colleague too. Now that’s a guaranteed way to put a big smile on your manager’s face.

 2. Become a brownie-baking boss

The humble brownie. Their chocolaty goodness has the power to give you that metaphorical hug on a cold winters day, and paired with a cup of tea they are simply unbeatable! So get your bakers hat on, and bring a batch into work tomorrow to help the team Breeze through their day. If you need a great recipe, we’ve got you covered here. 

 3. Spread the smiles

Putting a smile on that dial won’t only brighten someone else’s day, but smiling also releases endorphins that make YOU happier and less stressed. Not to mention, smiling is contagious, so by flashing a smile today you’ll be starting a ripple effect that will continue throughout the day!

4. Release your inner MasterChef

Grab a couple of friends and have them round for dinner this week. It’s been found that cooking for others has psychological benefits including making us happier, more mindful and more connected with others. Who knew getting your inner MasterChef on could be so good for you? If you’re in need of some culinary inspo, we’ve got some seriously tasty recipes on our website. 

5. Clean out that closet

Take a couple of minutes to go through your wardrobe and donate all the clothes you no longer wear to a charity. There are plenty of charities including The Red Cross, Salvation Army or The Smith Family that will pass your good quality clothes on to people who will appreciate them so much more than the bottom draw of your wardrobe will!

6. Treat yourself with a homemade facemask

Spreading a little kindness starts with YOU! Yes, life can get super hectic, but take a couple of minutes everyday to make sure you’re practicing a little self-love. Try out this super easy Almond Milk and Turmeric Facemask that will have you glowing from the inside out, and leave you with those pampered weekend away feels in just minutes! In fact this one is so easy, why not treat the whole fam and get the kid’s to join in on the fun.