How to stay on track over the holidays

I swear I just blinked and now it’s that time of year again – you know the time of year when your social calendar is full, even on most week nights, work starts to provide more treats than ever and your body is aching to switch to vacay mode? Yeah, it’s Christmas and New Year. So how the hell are you gonna stay on track with the added pressures popping up around you? I’ve written my top tips that I use myself to ensure I don’t completely unravel over the festive period.

1. Preparation is your best friend – Whilst getting prepared for Christmas can be time consuming especially given everything I just listed above, it really will make or break your goals if you don’t plan ahead. It can be as simple as having your gym gear ready the night before to save precious minutes and give you some extra zzz’s in the morning pre-workout. Personally I do this every night so I can literally roll out of bed, get changed and go. Also plan your workout ahead of time – I have a weekly schedule that I stick to so I know exactly what I’m doing that day and don’t need to mess around coming up with something when I arrive at the gym. Most importantly I do my food shop for the week and plan my meals so I know what I’m having. I cook extra to take to work the next day – snacks, lunches and dinners – so there’s no chance of being enticed by the donuts work thought would be a good idea.

2. Schedule it – Yeah I thought this was one of those lame ‘I can’t think of anything so I’m gonna write this’ things when I first read about it too, but I genuinely attribute a lot of my success to this. I love writing things down and crossing things off, so when I started adding my workouts to my calendar like an appointment that’s exactly how I treated it, I couldn’t miss it and I rarely did.

3. Become an early bird – Hard I know – I never really was one and TBH I’m still not… like I wanna die when my alarm goes off at 5:30am but come 7:00am when I’m finished, I feel like the baddest babe going around. It means I’m open to whatever might pop up after work, I’m more focused at work and the worst part is getting up, then it’s over…well until the next day ;).

4. Take advantage of the season – In Australia it’s Summer which means there are heaps of new opportunities to stay active. Rather than hitting the gym why not go for a swim, do beach sprints, walk to work instead of drive or get a PT. If it’s Winter for you try a new class (would suggest anything hot – hot yoga, pilates, etc) or find some good at home workouts. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new which is a fantastic way to stay motivated.

5. Master moderation – Chances are you’ll be exposed to more food and alcohol over the Christmas period, which is totally fine but try not to fall into the trap of ‘oh it’s just this time of year’ to justify you losing your mind over the Aperol and Christmas Pudding. Only you are responsible for your actions, and only you have to suffer the consequences of them. So if you have goals and eating and drinking more doesn’t get you any closer to them then practice moderation. Don’t deprive yourself, but challenge yourself to stop after 1-2 drinks rather than a whole bottle.

6. Forgive yourself – When it comes down to it, you’ve gotta live your life too – if you over-indulge or fall a few steps behind your goals learn to forgive yourself. Stressing yourself out over these things can actually work against you, so loosen up and try your best.

You’ve totally got this, set yourself up for an incredible end to 2017 and an amazing start to 2018 by charging towards your goals like the boss you are! Good luck xx


Written by ambassador Sophie Allen