Superfood Sensations

What constitutes a superfood? Basically, a superfood is a food so packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other beneficial substances that they’ve been deemed “super”.

So how do we get our fair share of them?

Almonds in particular are our favourite (who would’ve guessed) because they pack such a nutritional punch! They’re rich in vitamin E to protect the body against harmful free radicals, your heart LOVES them because they are full of potassium and they are proven to be a natural energy booster. The best thing though, is that they can be mixed and matched with so many other superfoods for even greater health benefits… a superfood party if you will!

We spoke to super foodie blogging sensation and Adelaide local, Phoebe Conway, about her favourite superfoods, where she finds inspiration for her blog PheebsFoods and how she incorporates so much goodness into her everyday life.

Phoebe is a big believer in starting off the day right and that begins with a nutritious breakfast. “Most days I add flaxseed, kale, spinach, berries, nut butters and almond milk into my smoothies or on top of my morning porridge,” she says.

Pheebs Foods

Crunchy Choc Hazelnut Granola. Credit @pheebsfoods


A combination like this packs antioxidants, potassium, iron and fibre into your morning to help fight cancers, improve your cardiovascular health and digestion, prevent cell damage caused by free radicals and reduce your risk of serious illness. Phew!

In the winter months, including as many antioxidants into your diet is the best thing to do to prevent the common cold and other nasties. “My all-time favourite superfoods to cook with are acai, flaxseed, cacao and of course berries, salmon and sweet potato” Phoebe says,

“I’m inspired to be more creative and inclusive with my recipes by what I’m seeing on social media. Seeing what other people are achieving when it comes to cooking and nutrition gives me a boost when it comes to my own creations”

“With my dessert recipes I like to use a lot of raw cacao, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, avocado, greens and berries”. With treats like Raw Brownies and Yoghurt and Fig Tarts Phoebe makes it look so simple and delicious. If you don’t have time to include healthy desserts into your diet, you can always switch your evening chocolate bar for a warm mug of almond milk, raw cacao powder and Manuka honey, it’ll give you one final antioxidant boost before you head off to sleep.

Spiced Fig Tart

Spiced Yogurt and Fig Tart. Credit @pheebsfoods

In August Phoebe will be taking over our Instagram page for one week and will be answering all your nutrition and cooking questions. Stay tuned for more information. If you’re looking for a way to cook with your favourite superfood, send us a message on our Facebook page!