Looking for a way to jazz up your leftovers from Christmas day? We’ve crafted some quick and easy recipes that will keep your family enjoying those holiday favourites. Make sure you share with your friends and let us know your favourite leftover recipes on our Facebook page.

Cherry Ripe Smoothie

Start your second day of festive feasting with our delicious Cherry Ripe Smoothie! Turn leftover bowls of cherries into a breakfast treat that is delicious and good for you.
You can also pour this smoothie recipe into popsicle moulds and freeze to make Cherry Ripe Popsicles!




Boxing Day Sheperd’s Pie

Over leftover ham sandwiches? Use up your leftover Christmas ham and potato salad in this Shepherd’s Pie recipe. Devour while watching the Boxing Day test highlights. The whole family will love it, we swear!



Bread Roll and Butter Chocolate Pudding

As Christmas Day winds up we always seem to have boxes of chocolates lying around; luckily we have a great idea for what you could do your extras (if you have any). Introducing our Bread and Butter Chocolate Pudding – a tasty way to use up those leftover bread rolls AND a few choccies.