Why Woman Everywhere Should Join The Breakfast Club

Today, we’re celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement and influence of women around the world for International Women’s Day.

Did you know that behind every great woman is an epic breakfast? After all, if you’re going to run the world you need all the energy you can get!

We’ve researched three of our favourite female role models (there are loads and loads but we’re only writing a short blog here) to find out how they kick-start their day and as a result #Breezetheday.

First up is Aussie darling Margot Robbie. This beauty (both on the inside and the outside) starts her day with an Oscar winning breakfast; a cleansing immune-boosting juice, some avo on toast and a cup of tea. It’s easy breezey to have on the go with a busy lifestyle and still allows Margot to take over Hollywood.


Morning exercise it the best way to wake up your body and your motivation. Someone that follows this is the one and only, Beyoncé aka Queen Bey. To ensure she doesn’t put a foot wrong in her dance routines, Bey enjoys a hearty breakfast involving eggs, a smoothie packed with protein and a bowl of cereal to keep her energy levels up; after all she has three children to run around after.


The real Queen, we’re talking about the one and only Queen Elizabeth II now and not Beyoncé – keeps it simple with cereal, a selection of fruit and a cuppa despite her royal status. Very impressive, as she’s still up and at ‘em at 91.

Keep being fierce ladies and #BreezetheDay!