Workout like a boss

Bored of the same cardio workouts? Say hello to strength training. This month we’ve called upon Sophie Allen to provide you with a helpful strength training exercise video, plus a brief description of how to perform each exercise safely and with confidence.

My coach put this circuit together for me to do 1 to 2 times a week to compliment my current weight lifting program. The purpose of this circuit alongside my other four weight training days and three cardio days is to focus on supporting my fat loss goal through HIIT (high intensity interval training) and increase my cardiovascular fitness. Whilst my main foundation of training is weight based, to build lean muscle mass, my coaches circuit training programme and other cardio methods support my strength regime.

My favourite way to train is with weights, however it’s really great to mix it up and use HIIT as a way to vary what I’m doing, or if my body needs a break from lifting heavy weights. You can smash these out pretty quickly if you stick to the times and reps properly.

The workout:

REST (seconds)
Snatch grip deadlifts 4 15-12-10-8 10
Barbell push press 4 15-12-10-8 10
Barbell back squats 4 15-12-10-8 10
Wide grip pull up 4 15-12-10-8 10
Parallel dips 4 15-12-10-8 10
Battle ropes 4 32-28-24-20 10
Prowler push 4 2 LAPS 10
Rower 4 200M 120

The technique:

Snatch grip deadlifts

Grab the barbell in an overhand and wide grip position, usually on the outer ring marks on the barbell. Engage your latissimus dorsi muscle (lats) by pulling the barbell down towards your hips, and retract your scapula (shoulder blade) to ensure there is a constant upper back tightness throughout the movement. Apply tension to the bar and drive your heels down through the floor to get all the required muscle groups active. Ensure the bar maintains a vertical bar path, pull your hips through and ensure the bar passes your knees to get full contraction of your glutes. Lower the bar by driving your hips backwards and maintain a vertical bar path until the bar meets the floor.

Barbell Push Press

Grip the bar just outside of your shoulders with a pronated grip (palms facing away from your body), holding the bar against your upper chest. Lower into a dip to create a force to dynamically get the bar overhead, drive up and push the bar overhead.

Barbell Back Squats

Place the barbell on the top of your trapezius (traps), lift and walk back. Stand with your feet slightly more than hip distance apart, point your toes slightly outwards, engage your core and lower into your squat, driving through your heels and engaging your glutes on the way back up.

Wide grip pull up

Grab the bar with a wide pronated (palms facing away from you) and grip. Attach a resistance band to loop your feet through if you can’t do these unassisted. Brace core, look up to the ceiling and pull yourself up.

Parallel dips

Keep your torso upright, legs back and keep elbows close to the body. Lower yourself down until your shoulders drop slightly below the elbow, then back up and lock your elbows out at the top.

FYI – I used a resistance band between the handles to make these assisted.

Battle ropes

Stand with your feet hip width apart, bend at the knees into a mid squat position to stabilise and hold onto the end of the ropes. Brace your core and slam ropes up and down.

Prowler push

Add a weight plate (I used 10kg) and make sure your spine is in neutral alignment and drive through.


Set the distance for 200m and go hard!

The AB can’t wait to give this a try – we will let you know how we get on. We’d also love to hear how you get on so let us know over on our Instagram or Facebook pages.