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Blog - Plant Based

The rise of plant-based coffee

A plant-based diet: it would be difficult in the current food and beverage climate to never have heard the term. Go back 20 years, and the diet that focusses on eating what we can grow was known well by few and not at all by many. Now, in 2021 there are people all over Australia living the plant-based way of life.

Google Trends places Australia in third place for interest in the search term "plant-based' beaten only by New Zealand and the United States.

SDA (Sports Dietician Australia) estimates that there are 2.5 million Australians following a plant-based diet. Adherents cite benefits to health, concern over the ethical treatment of animals and the environmental impact of industrial cattle rearing for meat as the main drivers for change.

This increase in interest has had a dramatic effect on the food and beverage sectors. Buying habits have changed and consumers are placing value on products that they have not previously.

From fast food to fine dining, many of the biggest food and beverage brands across Australia have incorporated plant-based options into their menus.

It is not only large chain brands that are making this change. There are now more plant-based options than ever in in cafes and restaurants across Australia. With more of us looking for that healthier, more environmentally friendly option, it is no surprise that our cafes and restaurants are offering milk alternatives. Almond Breeze Barista Blend was the first almond milk developed for coffee in Australia, so we’ve been around since the start. Now, there is increased availability of plant-based products in supermarkets including Almond Breeze Barista Home, which shows how our tastes and habits are evolving. With more and more Australians exploring the benefits of plant based eating each day, it is clear that this lifestyle is here to stay. From the big brand coffee shops to your favourite independent café, each seller is going to have to adapt with the rise in plant-based products.